Cordless Power Scrubber

$89 $148
Take the pain away from manual cleaning with this Cordless Power Scrubber. This is the ideal housework assistant for your home. Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen or any heavy-duty items.

A spin scrubber that takes the hard work out, brings you easier and more efficient work of cleaning.

The sturdy brushes have flexible bristles to fit into cracks while they spin at 300RPM to easily clean tubs, fixtures, tile, grout, glass, corners, floors, and many more. 

Reach high places with the extension pole without strain.

Here Are Just A Few Of Its Benefits:

✔️ Clean Anywhere, Anytime Without Effort

✔️ Convenient - No Cord Lying Around to get in the way

✔️ Easy & Efficient Way Of Cleaning For You

✔️ Expandable Pole To Reach High Areas

✔️ Safe To Operate Under Wet Conditions

✔️ Ergonomical Handle Design Is Comfortable To Grip

✔️ Fast & Free Delivery Australia Wide

As Australia's leading store, we offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if our products arrive to you broken or damaged, please feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and 
receive a full refund.


3x Scrubbing heads
1x Cordless rechargeable battery
1x USB cable
1x Extension pole

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